• Published: Aug 9th, 2018
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Edinburgh Fringe Show #6 – Thursday 9th August

Director Peter Blackburn finds Katie Reddin-Clancy’s ‘Checkov’s Gun’ moment, Paul finds ‘Donald Trump’, and Ewan talks about hugging Will Smith with Nick Dixon; all from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. 

Edinburgh Fringe Show #6 – Thursday 9th August

Katie Reddin-Clancy and Peter Blackburn
Gilded Balloon

Jack Bolton
C Venues

Nick Dixon
Marriage Material
Just The Tonic

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  • Published: Jul 30th, 2018
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Storytelling And Podcasting At The Fringe

There’s going to be  few changes to the show this year, but one of the most noticeable will be our partnership with the team at Fringe Review who will be bringing us more interviews from behind the scenes of the Fringe. You can follow their coverage at FringeReview.co.uk, but to get everyone in the mood, Editor and Founder Paul Levy decided to talk to an upstart podcaster in the Capital…

BAFTA award-nominated Ewan Spence is officially billed as “Executive Producer and Host of Ewan’s Spence’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast and Radio Show“. What he essentially is is a storyteller.

In this interview Ewan shares centuries of wisdom about how and and why audio has a critical part to play in Fringe theatre promoting, and in sharing your show’s unfolding story before, during and after the world’s largest arts festival.

What is the role of audio for theatre and show makers at the Fringe? Ewan provides essential tips and advice.

You can listen to the full interview at Fringe Review.

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