• Published: Aug 6th, 2012
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[Review] Mr Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Show

There’s a lot to attract kids to Mr Snots show, with the promise of gross gags, horrible stories, and routines that are ‘just wrong’, but how well received will the show be?


Hilarious smelly show. Mr Snot Bottom is a very stinky man. He likes farts and bogies. All the mums had to read out silly things! Five stars for farting, silliness, and bogies!


I liked Phlegm’s songs. I think they were funny! I think ages 4-15 would like this show.

Vikki (Mum)

Not for the faint hearted! Some laughs, but as a mum I found some of it a bit too much. The kids loved it though!


Mr Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Show
Gilded Balloon

* * * * 4 Stars


  • Published: Jul 9th, 2012
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How to get on the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

Let’s start with the maths. There are over 2,500 shows appearing at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Fringe Podcast will air around 90 interviews through the run of daily shows. If you’re sitting back and waiting for us to discover your show, then you might in for a long wait.

We’re not scared of press releases, and the quickest way to make sure we’ve heard of your show is to get in touch with us. Email is preferred… ewan@thepodcastcorner.com. Every press release and pitch will be read, but we can’t promise to reply to everyone.

Please don’t try to be clever or witty in your press releases, because we’ve seen it all, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be original. What we need is clear contact details, a short description of the show, where and when you are performing, and a little back story about the people behind the show. Links to your website so we can find out more are very much appreciated, and if you have video clips, then link directly to YouTube if you can.

  • Published: Jul 6th, 2012
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Getting Ready for Fringe 2012

It’s four weeks until the start of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the team at the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast are planning the coverage that will bring you the same great of mix of news and reviews, interviews and opinion from the Arts Capital of the World (at least for August).

As the show approaches it’s eighth year, we’re still dedicated to a simple mission – bringing you the best of the Festival. If you’re in Edinburgh, we’ll be your guide around the Fringe, and uncovering the shows that matter. If you’re not in Edinburgh, then prepare to experience the Fringe close-up, no matter how far away you are.

Here’s the plan. Starting on Friday 13th (because we love the idea of starting on that date) we’ll have our weekly ‘Best of the Fringe’ shows, airing some classic interviews from the archive and helping you get ready for the Fringe. Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast’s RSS feed or you’re following the show in iTunes.

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