• Published: Aug 23rd, 2019
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Edinburgh Fringe Show – Saturday 24th August

With just a few nights left at the Fringe, what gems are still waiting to be discovered, what seats are still to be sold, what shows will still make a memory of the Fringe with you? I chat to more acts, listent to more music, and look over the reviews to offer some suggestions.

Edinburgh Fringe Show – Saturday 24th August

Javaad Alipoor
Rich Kids: A History Of Shopping Malls In Tehran
The Traverse. 
The Believers Are But Brothers

Catherine Cohen
The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous
Pleasance Courtyard.

The Ontroerend Goed Company
Are We Not Drawn Onward To New Era
Zoo Southside.

Elise Harris
Artistic Director (Childrens/Theatre)
PBH Free Fringe.

With music from The Katet vs John Williams, Semi-Toned, and The Blueswaters.

The critics’ picks from iFringe are Letter to BoddahFrisky and Mannish’s PopLabThe Canary and the Crow, Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster, and America Is Hard To See.

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