• Published: Aug 26th, 2017
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Edinburgh Fringe Show #22 – Saturday 26th August

The final weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe is here, and there still lots of time to catch your favourite acts, discover some new ones, or take a chance on a man in a paisley patterned shirt. And to help you out as the sun starts to set on the ‘Arts Capital Of The World’ for another year, I’ve been around Edinburgh with the microphone chatting to more acts at this year’s festival.

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Edinburgh Fringe Show #22 – Saturday 26th August

Kae Kurd
Kurd Your Enthusiasm

Larry Dean
Heroes At The Monkey Barrell

Joe Sutherland
Model / Actress

Mike Bubbins
Retrosexual Male
Assembly George Square Studios

Our reviewer’s top choices for all of August are Acéléré by Circolombia, Lies, The Nature Of Forgetting, Dust, and Pike Street. iFringe is the reviews app which helps you find the best of the Fringe on the move, download from iFringe.com.

Broadway Baby’s most read reviews for August are Ray Bradshaw, AnimAlphabet, Brexit The Musical, Glasgow Central, and Chris Turner’s What A Time To Be Alive. Read their reviews of countless Fringe shows at BroadwayBaby.com.

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