• Published: Aug 22nd, 2017
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Edinburgh Fringe Show #18 – Tuesday 22nd August

Joining us in the co-host chair  until the end of the run of live shows is Thoroughly Good’s Jon Jacob (and he is). All we need to know is who else was at the User Hall last night?

You can join us every weekday at the Fringe at 12 noon, in the Rose Theatre Basement (204 Rose Street). Free tickets are now available at any Fringe Ticket Office, online from the Gilded Balloon, or through the EdFringe website (although EdFringe.com does ask for a booking fee). Or listen online!

Edinburgh Fringe Show #18 – Tuesday 22nd August

Caroline Mabey
Just The Tonic at The Caves

Lucy Vaughan and Michael Johnson
Snowflake (produced by The Network)

Sam Dunham
Curse Of The Mummy
Just The Tonic at The Caves

Rob Lloyd
Who, Me
Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre

Our reviewer’s choices for today are Border Tales, and Mother’s Ruin. iFringe is the reviews app which helps you find the best of the Fringe on the move, download from iFringe.com.

Broadway Baby’s most read reviews today are The Tinder Tales, and Chris Washington: Dream Big (Within Reason). Read their reviews of countless Fringe shows at BroadwayBaby.com.

With music from Ali Affleck, and Ricardo Garcia.

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Free tickets are available to attend our live recordings at the Rose Theatre – first show is Monday 7th August, tickets available online through the EdFringe website or from the Box Office on 204 Rose Street.

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