• Published: Jul 31st, 2017
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Edinburgh Fringe Show Preview #1 – What’s It Like To Be In Edinburgh?

August is approaching, the stages are being built, the shows are doing final rehearsals, and we’re checking the equipment for another year of Edinburgh Fringe podcasts.  Yes, it’s time to make sure everything is working with the website, welcome you all to the Arts Capital of the world, and check all the RSS feeds, widgets, streams, and links are in place.

It might look like a tech run-through, I can’t start another year of Fringe coverage without Daniel Cainer’s traditional curtain raiser.

Edinburgh Fringe Show Preview #1 – Monday 31st July

Daniel Cainer
More Gefilte Fish And Chips

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Free tickets are available to attend our live recordings at the Rose Theatre – first show is Monday 7th August, tickets at the Box Office on 204 Rose Street.

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