• Published: Aug 9th, 2016
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Edinburgh Fringe Show #4 – Tuesday 9th August

A tiny flurry of rain, the pitter patter of water on the studio roof, and the sound of The Chilcott Report. Another day at the Fringe that breaks the norm.

Edinburgh Fringe Show #4 – Tuesday 9th August
with Ewan Spence and Becky Walker featuring…

Haley McGee
I’m Doing This For You

John Welsh, Pipeline Theatre
Pleasance Courtyard

Floor Play

Rowena Hutson
Strong Female Character
Gilded Balloon

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Our reviewer’s choices for today are Angel, and Tell me Anything. iFringe is the reviews app which helps you find the best of the Fringe on the move, download from iFringe.com.

With music from New Orleans Speakeasy Sessions, The Magnets, and Jess Abrams.

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