• Published: Jul 29th, 2014
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How To Appear On The Edinburgh Fringe Show In 2014

August is almost here, so it’s time for the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast and Radio Show to pop up on everyone’s radar once more. If you’re appearing at the Fringe, you’re probably wondering how to get featured on the show. There are a few ways this can happen, so let’s go over them just now.

Be  Interviewed On The Podcast!

You can get in touch by email (ewanspence@gmail.com) with your show;s press release and contact details and request an interview. Competition for these spots is intense, and more than half of the spots are already allocated, But the team leaves a several slots open for interesting acts and shows that appear in Edinburgh, so asking is not without merit.

Have Your Music Featured!

It’s an option only available to shows with musical content, but we’re always looking for music to play between guests on the show (and they go into the big pile of ‘tracks from the Fringe at Shore Radio as well). Digital submissions can be made to the same email address as above, or ask for our address for physical copies of any tracks. Please make sure to include contact details, when your show is on, and if on a limited run what is your end date.

Be Reviewed On The Website!

As well as the podcast, we’ll be doing regular reviews on the website, and we’re happy to consider any Fringe show for review. While we do provide star ratings, links, and the other areas, please note we don’t do a silly amount of reviews (unlike some sites we could mention) and a good review is not a guarantee of a subsequent interview on the show. Drop us an email as before with full details!

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