• Published: Sep 13th, 2013
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Edinburgh Nights – Friday 13 September

Edinburgh Nights has its own website, edinburghnights.thepodcastcorner.com so head over there to keep yourself up to date with the show and what’s happening every weekend in the capital city. While the September ’4 week pilot’ goes on we’ll cross post the shows to the Fringe site, so you’ll have a little bit of Edinburgh, even though the Fringe is over.

A show which will go down as either (a) the one where the phones stopped working, or (b) the one I’ll never let Carey Marx forget. Not to spoil the surprise, but it’s a busy hour that kept me on my toes as I was hosting, kept Tom on his toes as he became a temporary techie, and hoepfuly gives everyone listening an idea of something to do this weekend in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Nights – Friday 13th September

Andy Skeen (Andy Skeen on Facebook)
‘The Price of Freedom’ (Available via Amazon)

Al Shields (www.alshields.com)
Monday 7pm, Sneaky Pete’s

Carey Marx (Carey Marx on Twitter)
The Stand Comedy Club

Also featuring Thom Dibden (from All Edinburgh Theatre) and his weekend preview of the theatrical shows (plus some impromptu techy bits); music from Flourescent HeartsHiva-OaSt John’s AmbienceStubborn Hearts, and ArdentJohn; and another round of 20 Questions Wrong, with Al Shields stepping up to the plate.

Got an event on in Edinburgh next weekend you’d like to get on the show? Want to come into the studio to talk about about? Email me on ewan@thepodcastcorner.com, or on Twitter (@ewan). To make sure you never miss the latest show from the Castle FM studios,why not subscribe to the Edinburgh Nights Podcast in iTunes, or copy the RSS File into your favourite RSS application.

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