• Published: Aug 19th, 2013
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Edinburgh Fringe Show #16 – Monday 19th August

Into the last week of the Fringe, with eight full days and nights of performances to take in – and even at this late stage that’s more than Glastonbury. Twice. A delve inthe nature of the Fringe today with reluctant talk show hosts, returning retirees, reality show hopefuls, and trying to work out how to pronounce Reichstadt.

Edinburgh Fringe Show #16 – Monday 19th August

John Fleming (thejohnfleming.com)
So It Goes – John Fleming’s Comedy Blog Chat Show
Bob’s Bookshop

Ian Kendall
…honestly, I’ve retired and I’m not doing a show at the Fringe in 2013
Zoo Southside

Suzy Bennett
Dancing on Thin Ice

Frank Sanazi
Das Vegas Nights 2
The Voodoo Rooms

The iFringe recommendations are Fleabag and Music Show – Wedding!; the Broadway Baby popular review is Kiss Me Honey Honey; and today’s music came from Jake Morrell, One Giant Leap, Pauline Vallance, and Frank Sanazi.

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