• Published: Aug 8th, 2013
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[Review] Lee Camp

* * * * (4 Stars)

Somewhere inside Lee Camp flows the blood of a preacher – but this American is focused far more on the ills of modern day living, but the same excitement and call to action can be heard in his words. Occupying the space carved out by activist comedians before him, Camp comes to the Fringe in 2013 with harsh words for corporate entities, and a rallying cry to individuals.

Camp is still not the finished article, but the Fringe is not always about finding the perfectly cut diamond. There’s no fun in that. The fun is in finding the next big thing while it still has a few rough edges, to watch someone show the passion for their craft. That’s Lee Camp.

I’ve no doubt he’ll want to continue this climb, but the time to see him is now, with all his untempered passion, fire, and brimstone, which still feels unpredictable enough to be a bit wild and dangerous.

* * * * (4 Stars)

Lee Camp
Destruction! Distraction! Evolution?

Just The Tonic, Bristo Square

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