• Published: Aug 22nd, 2012
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Edinburgh Fringe Show 2012 #20 – Remembering Your Memories

A bit of an interesting mix today, as all of the shows have history running through them, be it a classic story, musical memories, or just returning to something loved. Throw in a few stages, a bit of music, and some lights and you’ve not only got something personally special, but a Fringe show as well.

Edinburgh Fringe Show 2012 #20 – Remembering Your Memories

Action to the Word
A Clockwork Orange


Peter Michael Marino
Desperately Seeking The Exit

Gilded Balloon

Sarah Kendall
Get Up, Stand Up


The Sorries
Auld Lang Syne

Quaker Meeting House

Today’s reviewer pick is Salvi and the Box of Dreams, while the iFringe recommendations are The Trench, and Part A.

Also featuring The Malcolm Hardee Nominations, theSpaceUK’s sales, and the Tattoo ticket sales.

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