• Published: Aug 20th, 2012
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Edinburgh Fringe Show 2012 #18 – Defend the Indefensible

Into week three of the Fringe, and there’s still thousands of shows and curtain calls to get through. The big weekend might be over but there’s still everything (and a bank balance) to play for as another week of the Fringe awaits us all.

Edinburgh Fringe Show 2012 #18 – Defend the Indefensible

Neil Delamere
Delamere Mortal

Alan Bissett
Red Hourglass

National Library of Scotland

Chris Goode, Angela Clerkin, and Gordon Warnecke
Monkey Bars


Mr B
Chap-Hop Hurrah!

The Voodoo Rooms

Today’s iFringe recommendations are Lady Sings It Better and Blues!.

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