• Published: Aug 28th, 2011
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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2011 #24 – The Final Lap

It’s almost over – with many shows having tonight as their last night those of you in Edinburgh better not hold back to see the show you really want to see, it might be gone when the sun comes up again. And if you need a few pointers to what you might miss, just ask the person behind you in the queue!

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2011 #24 – The Final Lap

Kai Humphries
Bare Faced Cheek


Gavin Mitchell, Jimmy Chisholm, and Clare Waugh
Casablanca – The Gin Joint Cut


Dave Eastgate
I Wish I Had a Band

Gilded Balloon

The Stage’s critics choice today is Little Bulb, Goose Party and the iFringe recommendations are Le Gateau Chocolat and And The Birds Fell From The Sky.

Also featuring the Perrier winners Edinburgh Comedy Awards results, and belatedly featuring the Malcolm Hardee award winners.

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