• Published: Aug 22nd, 2011
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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2011 #18 – Full of Vocal Talent

A show packed with talent today, with vocal dexterity, fast paced writing, minimalist direction and a delightful "why don’t we just put on a show" vibe from the guests, as well as a run down of the latest news, awards and shortlists that make up the third week of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2011 #18 – Full of Vocal Talent

Michael Winslow
The Man of 10,000 Voices


Hannah Price and Clara Brennan
Theatre Uncut




The Stage’s critics choice today is Translunar Paradise, and the iFringe recommendations are Doctor Brown: Becaves and Humphrey Kerr is Dymock Watson.

Also featuring the second week of Herald Angels awards, Malcolm Hardee Week and Dave.

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