• Published: Jul 25th, 2011
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The Best of The Fringe Podcast: David Ferrard

Our next show getting ready for this year’s Fringe, with just over a week until the big launch/preview events in Edinburgh, looks back at folk singer David Ferrard. In 2009 he was returning to the Fringe, and I caught up with him to find out what the Fringe had meant to his musical career.

Ferrard as a performer has continued to blossom, and he returns to the 2011 Fringe at the Royal Oak (details here) so you can consider this both a retrospective of the Fringe, and a bit of a preview as well.

The Best of The Fringe Podcast: David Ferrard

David Ferrard: Scottish Folk Roots and Offshoots (2011 show)

First broadcast Sunday 9th August, 2009.

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