• Published: Jul 15th, 2011
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The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Stalag Happy

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is nearly here! So following the pattern from 2009 and 2010, the Fringe Podcast will run weekly, with some of our favourite interviews from previous years as everyone gets ready for the 2011 run to start. It’s not only to remind you what great fun the Fringe is, but also so I can check all the websites, RSS feeds and other little things that the podcast contributes to. Think of it as my dress rehearsal, and you’re all invited!

First up is Dan Frost and Edward Elks, who brought a lovely slice of British theatre to the Fringe in 2009 with Stalag Happy.

The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Stalag Happy

Dan Frost and Edward Elks
Stalag Happy

First broadcast August 19th 2009.

The podcast will now run weekly up to the Fringe, with our first daily show starting on Friday 5th August. To make sure you never miss the latest podcasts from the Edinburgh Fringe, why not subscribe to the Fringe Podcast in iTunes, or copy the RSS File into your favourite RSS application?

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