• Published: Sep 1st, 2010
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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2010 #26 – Top Ten Moments at the Edinburgh Fringe

That’s it, pack up, go home, jump on a train, fly away, it’s time to give Edinburgh back to its residents. But before you do…

…there’s just time for my annual top ten moments from the Fringe. It’s the usual eclectic mix of songs, jokes, touching moments, performance and silliness – the final 30 minutes of everything you love about the Fringe and another reason why you’ll be back next year.

I know I will.

My Top Ten Moments at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010

The Occupier
Sometimes an interview goes for pure cheese and asks a comedian what their favourite joke is. Which I did with Gary Delaney.

Fringe Binge
Keeping everyone on the level with a running tally of jokes and observations, Fringe Binge on twitter was an underground hero.

The Noise Next Door
If you can improvise music, be careful if you’re asked to improvise a love song to Kate Copstick of The Scotsman.
Chaos Control

Ian Kendall
The same line, in every show, every year. There’s something comforting about “Do you know the one about gravity?”
I Said I Wouldn’t Do This Again

Schnell! Schnell!
The interview that made my kids day, and the joke in the kids show that had me laughing out loud – even if no=one else spotted the reference in the crowd.
Dan and Jeff’s Potted Panto

Stewart Lee and Frank Chicken
What’s not to love about an internet campaign to vote Frank Chicken as a Comedy God and not give it to the TV stars du jour? Exactly.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
Come to the Fringe to get on the telly, get on The One Show in the first day, job done. Just the small matter of another 23 performances to get through.
On The Telly

Frisky and Mannish
If you have a song that lampoons all your press coverage from the previous year, then the correct place to perform it is obviously at the Underbelly press launch in front of the same journalists.
The College Years

Terry Alderton
Interviewed for the second podcast this year, Terry opened up to talk about what it’s like to not be in the top flight of UK comedians. A great interview that reminded me why I enjoy doing the podcast.
Terry Alderton

The winning wookie noise in a pre-interview chat, the best merchandise, a CD that I’m still listening to two weeks after the show – a triumphant return to Edinburgh with something a bit more than silly songs.
Tripod vs The Dragon

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