• Published: Aug 28th, 2010
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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2010 #23 – No Performer Left Behind

The end is in site, but there’s time for one last big push to get the crowds in for the weekend – if you haven’t already sold out. The final flurry of awards are being announced, but with three days still to go, the dying breath of the Fringe still has the same amount of time as festivals like Glastonbury, Download and Latitude!

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2010 #23 – No Performer Left Behind

Asher Treleven
Secret Door

Pleasance Courtyard

Nilaja Sun
No Child…

Assembly George Street

Gemma Goggin
Get Laid or Die Trying

Gilded Balloon

The Rayguns
Set to Stun

Three Sisters

The Couch
Cabaret Voltaire

Today’s iFringe recommended show: Bec Hill Didn’t Want To Play Your Stupid Game Anyway.

Also featuring Karen Koren, Roadkill, Robert White, Stewart Lee and Bo Burnham.

And thanks also to Illegal Jacks South West Grill for being a wonderful host for Gemma’s Speed/Blind Date interview!


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