• Published: Jul 26th, 2010
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The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Steve Daking, The Pool Guy

Sometimes I do very serious interviews, sometimes I put myself in the strangest situations to talk to the cast and crew of a show at the Fringe. Steve Daking, back in 2006, brought a Pool table into the studio.

It was part of his show, “The Pool Guy” where he did a cabaret act of trick shots and audience interaction – a show he had performed just once before coming up to Edinburgh. That’s the spirit of the Fringe, and that’s what I wanted to highlight in this Best of The Fringe retrospective.

The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Steve Daking, The Pool Guy

Steve Daking (www.stevedaking.com)
The Pool Guy

First broadcast August 10th 2006.

It’s not long now till the Fringe kicks off. We’ll have one more “Best of The Fringe” shows next Monday, and then I’ll be running round all the Press Previews from Wednesday 4th August, microphone in hand. As the Fringe opens, I’ll take you behind the scenes of the chaos and camaraderie of the press preview nights to let you see another side of the Fringe. Then it’s full steam ahead for the regular shows right through August.

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