• Published: Jul 12th, 2010
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The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Kerouac and all that Jazz

Just as last year, I’m going to spend July running some interviews from previous Fringe podcasts to get everyone in the mood for this year’s Fringe Festival, and the podcasts from myself and The Stage.

Every Monday I’ll lift out something from the archives – not only to remind us what great fun the Fringe is, but also so I can check all the websites, RSS feeds and other little things that the podcast contributes to. Think of it as my dress rehearsal, and you’re all invited!

First up is a small show from Sweet ECA in 2008 profiling the life of Jack Kerouac. I spoke to writer Barrie Wheatley and two of the cast, who also performed an impromptu scene from the play.

The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Kerouac and all that Jazz

Barrie Wheatley and Cast
Kerouac and all that Jazz

First broadcast August 18th 2008.

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